Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Placing the objects...

Photo 7 - Here's she is laying in local color but still determining space and mass. She talked about carving out which is moving the paint to make what's in front stand out. If you'll notice she's painting with the tip of the brush. That amuses me since I use a brush like a pencil. She did, of course, address that.

Photo 8 - She said, "Painting the parts can make you lose the sense of why you wanted to paint the painting anyway. Shapes are the language of painting." Which goes back to what she said about thinking about the whole painting all at once.

Photo 9 - Since the meeting was only a couple of hours with a 30 minute break in between I think I can safely say she did this much in an hour and a half. Of course the painting is not finished, far from it ,but she said you do this much then you spend the next day refining it and adding the details. One more thing, she said, "Painting is not a technique or a style. It's a way of understanding paint and how it works." Very interesting Sherrie. Thanks so much!

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And thank you Linda, this words are very precious!
Marco, Rom.