Wednesday, May 7, 2008

After the blocking in...

Photo 4 - She started working on the little black vase, basically continuing the blocking in but with the local color. After that she added color to the background.

Photo 5 - In this photo she is setting the light. She said the light is used to key the background value. Everything is in relation and relationships are what you are painting. The background should be light enough so that the pot is silhouetted and dark enough so the peaches are lit up. Here she is setting up the "run of the color", the abstraction of it. Once you do that then you can make it a much color or lack of color. She said, "When you do something take the time to see what actually happens."

Photo 6 - Sherrie said, "There is no way to understand or get better if you don't organize and understand what you are seeing. You don't want to get honed in on one spot. Keep your eye on the whole setup and the effect of the whole painting."

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