Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An afternoon with Sherrie McGraw...

Photo 1 - The set up

Even though I did not see it, I was told she had the lights off in the room, using one lamp for her light source, when she arranged the objects for the set up. That makes perfect sense if you want to know how the light looks like when it hits the objects. She did say she takes a lot of time when she creates her set ups. "The goal...", she said, " the idea that inspires the painting since we are painting light. In part I am setting up the shadows so the light can be revealed. If you take time you'll know why you are doing it and what you want to do with it."

Photo 2 - Blocking in

She starts her paintings with mass rather than line.The reason is to determine what space the mass occupies on the canvas. She said, "...linear drawing is another language; the language of line. In doing mass you don't have an attachment to what you place on the canvas so you can easily remove it. If you start with line you are attached to it."

Photo 3 - Space is important. She continued, "The goal is to paint the relationship you see in all the objects rather than painting the objects as they are. In the beginning you want to lay it in so you can visualize the whole painting. Start with a neutral color so you can size and place the objects."

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