Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am soooooo excited....!!!!

As you can well see I have not posted here for quite some time. It's not that I have not been painting, I have been, diligently, I just wasn't pleased with the results for about half of 2009. So what was I to say and what was I to show?

The biggest problem I discovered was I'd been fighting myself. It wasn't until I decided to let what I know about colored pencil transfer over into what I did "not" know about oil. Once I decided to approach oil like I do colored pencil, oh my, things got much easier.

So even though things have appeared quiet, a lot has been going on. One year has passed since I started this adventure. At last I am comfortable. I'm no longer perching precariously on the edge and I have a sure path to follow. That kind of change is always exciting but that's not why I am posting and that's not why I said I was "soooooooo excited". I am sooooooo excited because two of my paintings have been accepted in the very prestigious Salon International 2010.

I have viewed this show on line for years but could never enter because it's a competition for oil paintings only. When saw the deadline for entering was coming up fast I had a choice to make. I
still needed to tweak "The World Outside Your Door" and lacked a few days finishing "Radiance". I felt a bit rushed and not really ready but I've always believed there's no time like the present and nothing ventured nothing gained.

"The World Outside Your Door"


Anyway, here's the letter I received:

Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to say that each one of you who submitted entries to Salon International 2010 is to be commended for your part in creating the largest number of entries submitted in any single year in the nine-year history of the event - almost 1,300 entries!

You are also to be commended for creating the strongest group of entries in the history of the event. Of course, this creates a much more difficult task for the Jury and Judge, but that’s a good thing! Because of the strength of the entries the Salon International 2010 exhibit will be the largest ever - almost 400 paintings! This exhibit will be truly spectacular. I promise you it will be a visual overload!

Again, I thank each one of you for your part in making all this happen and for creating another successful Salon International exhibit. Together, we will continue to grow this exhibit and to make it the largest, most respected and most prestigious of the juried exhibits.

Warm Regards,


So there's been a lot of screaming, jumping and yahooing around here the last few days. I call it the happy dance. I'm sure it's a sight to see. My husband seems to like it......he followed me back to my studio and said he wanted to see it again.

Now it's time to get them framed
, boxed up and shipped out to San Antonio. The exhibit opens and will be on the web site April 10. Woo Hoo!