Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am so excited....!!!!!

I got an email tonight saying, " Congratulations! Your painting, ”Lost In a Dream” has been selected as part of Greenwich Workshop Gallery's 2008 Small Works North America Exhibition and Sale." Was I ever surprised. One of the reasons for my surprise is that I'd inadvertently submitted the same piece twice which prevented me from entering another one. After that I was locked out. Because I couldn't go back I wasn't sure if I'd finished the entry process. Also the notification date came and went six days ago. Now you know why I was so surprised and happy when I heard back from them. The really scary part is I was about to delete the email because it came into my mail box in the spam folder.

This certainly is not my first competition, far from it, but it is the first "oil" painting I've entered in a juried show. I couldn't be more pleased!

The show was supposed to be on line by October 1st but they must be running behind. If you'd like to see the show click the link below...if it's not up keep checking back. They will eventually get it posted.

Small Works N A

Monday, September 29, 2008

"From the Garden of Dreams & Desires" - 11 x 24

I taught a workshop in Ohio in early June. The Peonies were just beginning to bloom so the hostess of the workshop put a few in a vase so we could enjoy them during our lunch. After wards when everyone had gone back to work, with a purpose, my camera and I and went back upstairs. The light was streaming through the window. Because the table cloth was pink the colors were amazing. I took dozens of photos. I especially liked this shot because of the shadow so I cropped it down for emphasis. I could not get the colors exact for posting so if the shadow in the painting appears to be warm and red on your monitor, it's not, it's very cool. To counter balance the coolness in the shadow I painted the foreground a warm pink. My husband doesn't particularily like the colors but I love them....

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Sentimental Reasons" - 9 x 12"

Cherries! I just want you to know I have painted cherries and I have not been successful so I've continued to paint cherries and I'm still painting cherries. Oh yeah...I can paint a cherry now. It's funny how you think you know what something looks like, especially something so simple, but I learned something, I had no idea what a cherry looked like.

"Go Your Own Way" - 9 x 12

I feel like the slowest painter in the world but maybe that's only when it comes to actually finishing one. I finished this one and the one above but have eight others I'm working on...hum....maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway I guess eventually it will seem like I finished all eight at once. I'm going to say the same thing about grapes that I said about cherries...I'm going to keep painting them until I know what they look like.