Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Bright Blues & Greens" ~ SOLD

I'm kind of disappointed in how this painting looks
on my monitor. The colors in the painting are
brighter. I hope the colors look bright on yours. Anyway,
I discovered this onion had sprouted so I laid it on
the bar until I could decide what to do with didn't
take long. As soon as I saw those shadows I knew what
I was going to do. Everything in my house is a
potential painting. When I first painted it, I painted
it without the tile but I could not stand how it looked
so I went back and changed it. I am much
happier now with how it looks.


Joanne said...

Hi Linda,
Don't be disappointed in your photo of this painting - on my monitor it looks amazing! The shadows are so full of color as well, and the tiling is fantastic... an inspiring painting for sure!

linda lucas hardy said...

Thank you Joanne...I'm still fiddling with what I want to say about it but I'm tired. Not a good time to try and write something. Hey, thanks for the comment.

Alvin Richard said...
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Alvin Richard said...

I can honestly say that I have never seen a sprouting onion in a painting before....leave it to you to paint the unexpected. The instant I saw it, my first word was, WOW!