Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"You Take My Breath Away" ~ SOLD

I titled this one "You Take My Breath Away"
because that's the way I feel every time I look
at it. When I finished this one I felt very
satisfied. The stress was gone and I knew, at last,
that I was getting paint to do what I wanted.
Oh yes, this is the second posting. I didn't want
to lose the comments from the first post. I really
shouldn't have put the paintings on the blog
before I was ready to sell them but I was anxious
to show what I'd done. From now on I won't post
them until they are listed on Ebay. Thanks for


Michelle Smith said...

Wow! The reflected light, the shadows, the color. It's very nicely done.

Todd Bonita said...

Really interesting light in this piece. Very cool. It's been fun poking in to see what you are up to.


indiaartist said...

It is really really very beautiful. I would feel sad to let it go too. Great work.

Pablo Villicana Lara said...

I love the dappled light. . really beautiful.
Best of luck on your Ebay store
(you should have started the bid higher though! it's worth so much more!)

Joanne said...

This is indeed a beautiful piece. The colors and shadows/reflections are so alive and saturated with color. This is the nicest pear I have seen on various blogs in a very long time. No wonder you have that tug at your heart at the thought of selling it! But just imagine how the person who purchases it (and all the friends) will enjoy your work every day for years to come!!!

A Reason to Paint said...

I just found your blog via a comment you left on John Beder's. I'm so glad I checked in, there is such beautiful light to your work.

linda lucas hardy said...

Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I really do appreciate the encouragement.